• Based on the wind tunnel test of the scale model, it is estimated that the Kean Wind Turbine will produce power for less than 1 per kilowatt-hour (operating cost), making it the lowest cost electrical energy source
  • The price of one Kean Wind Turbine is 1/20th that of an existing windmill of equivalent output. The Kean Wind Turbines have just 8 basic components with a total of only about 80 parts (excluding fasteners). A typical 3-blade windmill has 8,000 parts.
  • Minimal maintenance costs due to lower height and simplified design
  • Power where it's needed without transmission costs.
  • Wind power is continually replenished, and there is no fuel cost.
  • The savings that come from conventional energy cost savings will more than offset the purchase and installation of a Kean Wind Turbine.
  • The Kean Wind Turbine allows low cost industrial, commercial, and residential power.

(The information presented here is based on theoretical extrapolations from wind tunnel tests of our engineering test model. Production models have not yet been tested.)