• The turbine utilizes 100% of the air mass presented to the face of the turbine - a major breakthrough in technology
  • Calculations have shown that our turbine converts over 40% of the kinetic energy from the wind to useful electricity - far surpassing efficiency levels of current windmills
  • A broad span of the wind speed spectrum is utilized - from 8 mph to over 100 mph - capturing over 60% more of the energy in the wind
  • The two sizes of Kean Wind Turbines are equally efficient over the entire range of the usable wind speed spectrum

    The Kean Wind Turbine is planned to be produced in two (2) sizes:
  • 4-meter: 20 kW - 20 MWH/yr. average - replaces 80ft open blade windmill
  • 8-meter: 100 kW - 100 MWH/yr. average - replaces 200ft open blade windmill

Evironmental Harmony
  • Because of their small size and huge power output, Kean Wind Turbines can easily blend into the landscape and be unobtrusive or they can be hidden entirely

Safe, Renewable, Clean Energy
  • Quiet due to enclosed blades and low rotation speed with no turbulence
  • No anticipated bird kills because there is no visible entry
  • Enormous savings of fossil fuels

(The information presented here is based on theoretical extrapolations from wind tunnel tests of our engineering test model. Production models have not yet been tested.)